About the campaign

Program information The “EU Fruits” campaign is being implemented under the EU_FRUITS program – based on the provisions of Regulation (EU) 1144/2014 – to promote the use of FRUIT CONSUMPTION IN THE INTERNAL MARKET (GREECE, GERMANY, POLAND). It is a joint collaboration of the following entities from Greece and Cyprus:

1. NESPAR Agricultural Cooperative (Greece)

2. Agricultural Cooperative of Sagittarius NESTOS (Greece)

3. Agricultural Association of Velvento Fruit “DIMITRA” (Greece)

4. Farmer’s Association of Framourai (Greece)

5. Agricultural Cooperative of Pangaio Grape Producers – SYMBOL (Greece)


The general objective of the program is to inform the target groups in the selected countries about the benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption in the context of a balanced diet and to increase the market share of European fruit and vegetables